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Anna Kalata



Tea Party


We're glad you're here.

"We're all mad here"

What is a Community?

  • We are all working together
  • We have existing processes and social conventions

Contribution =/= Code

As a member of the community, you can:

  • Organize an event
  • Speak at an event
  • Volunteer at an event
  • Provide support
    • Issue Queues
    • Drupal Answers (StackOverflow)
    • IRC
    • Update/Create documentation
  • Use the issue queue to report bugs


As an employee or freelancer, you could also:

  • Donate money
    • Individual sponsorship tickets to events
    • Sponsor a group on
    • Join the Drupal Association
  • Use your professional skills
    • Writer
    • Designer
    • Coder


As a company or organization that relies on Drupal, you should:

  • Watch (or re-watch) today's keynote
  • Sponsor an event
  • Host a meetup and/or sponsor refreshments
  • Be open about your use of Drupal
  • Join the Drupal Association
  • Share or sponsor a contributed module on d.o
  • Allow employees to use time at work for their own contributions


Important Reminders

We are all human individuals, with:

  • emotions
  • needs
  • wants
  • limitations
  • challenges
  • blind spots
  • passions
  • friends
  • families





Join Us!

Sprint Sunday


9:00 am -5:00 pm

UIC SCE Tower, Room 605